During her 19 years at the Newton Marriott Hotel Laurie Rizzo dreamed of her own restaurant and finally in 2012 that dream came true when she opened Laurie's 9:09. Laurie brings 25 years of service in the industry before she settled here by the railroad tracks in the Wakefield train station between North Avenue and Tuttle Street. Serving guests from Wakefield, Melrose, Saugus, Lynnfield, Reading, Stoneham and beyond, Laurie offers fine food, great service, and fair pricing. Active in her church (our neighbor Saint Joseph's) and her faith, it is Laurie's nature to give her all to any endeavor in which she is involved. It is her nature we hope you feel permeating throughout the restaurant. She dreams of offering her guests a wonderful experience, great memories, and a desire to return again and again.

Staff & Service
We are striving to build a professional team of cooks, servers and bartenders who will provide an experience for our guests that matches or surpasses any of our competitors. It is our aim that guests thoroughly enjoy their Laurie's 9:09 experience from drinks to desserts.

We serve our guests the best foods, always local and fresh when available. Offerings include the tastiest oysters and little neck clams, great seafood dishes, infusion plates, and the finest natural prime steaks. We offer specially selected craft beers, and fine wines to complement all our foods. Finishing touches include many tasty items that inspired us to coin the phrase "share a dessert or take it to work".

The atmosphere and ambiance is created with trains and the Beatles in mind. Of course the trains inspired us because of the building and location; the Beatles because they have a special place in the heart of your hosts Laurie Rizzo and Bob MacFadgen. We hope you will say Let It Be, Let It Be Laurie's 9:09, when after a Hard Days Night, working in office or at home with the kids, you need a little R&R. We invite you to come in and enjoy this special part of Laurie's dream.

The entertainment is eclectic, ranging from live music, Trivia games, and open mic for audience participation.

The MBTA has the trains scheduled and we can schedule the rest. So come on in to Laurie's 9:09. Kick back, relax, enjoy a great meal, watch the trains go by, and smile some smiles.